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GALAXY - GO (20-750 kVA)


The GALAXY GO generating set range offers a large choice of engines with powers ranging from 20 to 750 kVA at 50 or 60Hz Diesel Fuel Type. The main features of the GO range are: GV-type baseframe that acts as a watertight basin for the tank and liquids of the genset (a feature which is essential for today's strictest standards); set-up for the application of canopies, a central lifting point and a radiator air extraction channel. As with all Visa products, all the unit's parts are subject to a strict operating test involving over 30 checks prior to delivery.




With star the start of each of the three phases is connected together. Connections are taken from the ends of the three phases to give the three phases
Star symbol voltage


With Delta the starts and ends of the phases are connected. The end of phase 1 is connected to the start of phase 2, the end of phase 2 to the start of phase 3, and the end of phase 3 to the start of phase 1. Connections are taken from the three start-end points to give the three phases.
Delta symbol voltage
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