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Onis Visa gen sets are designed to meet the complex needs of operating units often working in hostile environmental conditions and to provide the best solutions for all those situations related to emergency management and civil defense.

Visa SpA counts on a range of generators specifically developed for firefighters and civil protection applications suitable in case of crises or natural events that can inhibit the ordinary operation of the electrical systems. A highly reliable range for all those circumstances where traditional energy sources are missing.

Visa have been supplying a large number of civil protection associations both in Italy and abroad through standard or highly customized product.

The latest delivery in terms of time is gen set model F 63 GX VM mobile application, 60.0 kVA (P.R.P.) continuous power and 63.0 kVA (L.T.P.) Stand-by power, equipped with Fiat Iveco diesel engine N45SM1F coupled with Stamford alternator and automatic control panel. It is also equipped with a geo-location system and movement tracking through GPS positioning and remote control.

While always focusing on keeping the lowest noise levels, the whole range complies with 2000/14/CE certification referring to the acoustic emissions, and with the current 97/68/CE directives for exhaust emissions to reduce the environmental impact, allowing it to be used even in densely populated areas.

Optional equipment available for the sector:

- Installations on trailers to satisfy the most different conditions of use. The range includes certifiable different speed tow trailer models for road use.

- Various models of lighting towers for any specific requirement. (you can find it here)

- Series of self-priming motor pumps suitable for dewatering and liquid transfer, even with solids in suspension, mainly used for intervention under emergency conditions, flood protection, environmental, construction as well as water and wastewater applications. Download the catalogue .

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