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As of January 01, 2009 Visa moved into a new modern 34000sqm production facility, 17000sqm of which are for generating set assembly.
The LEAN MANUFACTURING process is the philosophy and method for innovation processes. The system has been implemented in the VISA production cycle in order to improve work phases and reducing delivery times while maintaining elevated quality levels. The assembly islands have been organized according to genset size, designed to increase efficiency in line with the continuous improvement process.



With star the start of each of the three phases is connected together. Connections are taken from the ends of the three phases to give the three phases
Star symbol voltage


With Delta the starts and ends of the phases are connected. The end of phase 1 is connected to the start of phase 2, the end of phase 2 to the start of phase 3, and the end of phase 3 to the start of phase 1. Connections are taken from the three start-end points to give the three phases.
Delta symbol voltage
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