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Since 1997, Visa is officially certified ISO 9000 and 2002 ISO 1400. In 2009, Visa was again inspected by official agencies, acquiring the upgrade certification to ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001-2004. Tailoring its production standards to international technical specifications combined with rigid product testing, has allowed Visa to become a world-wide symbol of efficiency and quality becoming the official supplier of the largest telecommunications companies in China, Philippines, UAE, Germany, Singapore and Japan.
On 1st January 2008, the changes brought about by EC Regulations no. 648/2005 and no. 1875/2006 amending the Community Customs Code (EC Reg no. 450/2008) and the Customs Code Implementing Provisions (EC Reg. No. 2454/1993) respectively, came into force in the EU 27 Member States. These refer to the issuing of AEO/Customs Semplifications or AEO/Security or AEO/Customs Semplifications and Security certificates, all being valid throughout the Community. Visa S.p.A. successfully obtained the A.E.O. Certificate and as of January 27th, 2010 is officially authorized. This procedure allows the carrying out of customs formalities directly by Visa SpA with enormous logistical benefits for all transactions outside the European Union.






With star the start of each of the three phases is connected together. Connections are taken from the ends of the three phases to give the three phases
Star symbol voltage


With Delta the starts and ends of the phases are connected. The end of phase 1 is connected to the start of phase 2, the end of phase 2 to the start of phase 3, and the end of phase 3 to the start of phase 1. Connections are taken from the three start-end points to give the three phases.
Delta symbol voltage
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