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For over 35 years, Visa S.p.A. has been designing and developing energy solutions for the telecommunications industry. Transceiver stations (or BTS) are key components of any network, since they allow users to access mobile Internet and phone services. BTS, installed in the most diverse contexts, from cities to rural areas, require little power in kVA and continuous 24-hour service...

Generating sets are typically used to power transceiver stations in continuous operation in the absence or temporary replacement of the electricity grid. A hybrid system generally consists of a generator, an inverter and a battery pack that feeds the BTS. Hybrid Smart Fox is an integrated product that combines in an All-in-One solution a DC variable speed motor, a PMG alternator, deep...

The great variability of installation contexts of transceiver stations (BTS) requires carrying out a thorough analysis of the energy needs of each site. For the power supply of the BTS, different combinations of systems are now available, which are capable of using energy from renewable sources available on site in synergy with more traditional, non-renewable energy sources. Visa S.p.A. offers...

Onis Visa GALAXY AiR is the diesel air-cooled series. Adaptabe to any kind of environmental conditions such as cold, extreme heat, and dust, are used for long-run operations. Every generating set need a cooling component: radiators, water pump, temperature gauge, or water hoses are not required for an air-cooled diesel engine or generator. There is nothing like coolant to leak,...


With star the start of each of the three phases is connected together. Connections are taken from the ends of the three phases to give the three phases
Star symbol voltage


With Delta the starts and ends of the phases are connected. The end of phase 1 is connected to the start of phase 2, the end of phase 2 to the start of phase 3, and the end of phase 3 to the start of phase 1. Connections are taken from the three start-end points to give the three phases.
Delta symbol voltage
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