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ONIS VISA Power Generators & Motorpumps

Visa SpA is a company dedicated on design, production, sales and rental
of generating sets and power solutions.

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Visa SpA Custom Solutions

Visa SpA Customized solutions

Electricity generators and power solutions designed to offer the best results to meet individual power needs.

Visa SpA assistance

Worldwide after sale service

Visa Spa products and operations are backed by first class after-sale support. Qualified personnel and service team are on call 24/7 to ensure the power supply whenever and wherever you need.

Visa SpA range in stock

Items in stock

Thanks to a great number of main components always available in stock, it is possible to manufacture specific products in a very short time. Stock availability also of generation sets to be shipped overnight to any destination in the world.

Visa SpA Quality Certified

Certified seriousness

At the end of the manufacturing process, every single unit is subjected to a rigorous final test performed by qualified staff through the most modern equipment which memorizes data and produces the necessary certification , assuring the genset’s perfect performance under any conditions.

6 and 12 poles wiring.

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Company profile

Visa Spa is a leading Italian company that has been successfully present in the market since 1960, projecting and manufacturing highly technological generating sets and power stations. With its network currently present in more than 60 countries in the world, Visa SpA offers the most suitable solutions with a high standard of quality and technology in many areas and countries. "ONIS VISA" gensets and power stations, ranging from 9.0 to 3.000 kVA, are completely manufactured in Italy and offer the best technological and quality features. Thanks to a research and development team of engineers, who are completely dedicated to projecting customized solutions and developing special and sophisticated projects for more complex applications, Visa SpA can support its clients assuring the highest quality solutions.

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Competence sectors

Visa SpA provides high-tech solutions that can be tailored to all situations and sectors: from telecommunications to construction and engineering, industry, as well as hospitals, retail and entertainment, just to name a few. Beside the complete standard range, Visa SpA manages to offer more sophisticated generating sets for more complex applications. Onis Visa generators, with their many variants, are among the most versatile and complete in the market, competing with a world that is increasingly more orientated towards electricity generation.

Telecom |  Onis Visa Generators

With over 50 years of experience in the energy market, Visa SpA offers a range of products designed to meet the needs of the Telecommunication sector, one of the most...

Data Centers |  Onis Visa Generators

In an increasingly virtual world where exchange of critical information is getting more and more important, data centers demand an extremely reliable and constant...

Defence and Civil Aid |  Onis Visa Generators

The Onis Visa Gensets for military use are designed to meet the requirements of forces operating in harsh environments and built to a very demanding specification....

Industry and Services |  Onis Visa Generators

Visa SpA provides reliable and high-performance gensets and energy solutions. In manufacturing plants, even a small power outage could lead to hours of costly...

Tourism and Big Events |  Onis Visa Generators

Recent severe weather events have resulted in serious hurricanes, tropical storms, heavy snowfalls, strong hurricane-force winds and widespread storm surges and...

Large Scale Retail |  Onis Visa Generators

Businesses lose money when they shut down during a blackout. Even a small power failure could lead to hours of costly downtime. Considering the impact of significant...

Power Stations |  Onis Visa Generators

Power stations are used for small scale production of electric power, and where there is no other easily available alternatives of producing electric power. Diesel...

Power supply systems |  Onis Visa Generators

In case of a sudden and unexpected power failure many things can go wrong but thanks to Onis Visa generating sets, power supply is not a problem at all. Lost revenue...

Latest products

Onis Visa range of products has grown in order to provide an answer to all market requirements; it offers a comprehensive range of quality-assured, versatile and high-tech energy solutions which can be tailored to all situations.
Beside high-quality generating sets, also different types of control panels, accessories and spare-parts are available, in standard or customized versions.

Advanced single gen-set controller for stand-by and prime power applications. Direct communication with EFI engines, total remote monitoring and control, easy to install, configure and use, wide range...
For over 35 years, Visa S.p.A. has been designing and developing energy solutions for the telecommunications industry. Transceiver stations (or BTS) are key components of any network, since they...
Visa has a new set of generators for mobile use, designed on the basis of experience gained in thirty years of direct business in the rental sector. The machines are developed in compliance with the most stringent European standards...

The Onis Visa Dry Prime range delivers fast dewatering solutions to sites where a power source is not available. The dry prime units offer high performance and efficiency to ensure predictable and timely job completion with minimal operating expenses.

Altri settori

Visa SpA also provides services and products in sectors others than standard electricity generation, such as rental and water, through specific divisions and trademarks. Thanks to that production diversification, Visa SpA has managed to acquire an important know-how in different areas, giving way to new ideas and project development.

Rental Division

Rental Division

Sometimes depending on power gensets with ultimate reliability is crucial to sustain power supply to the most sensitive operations in the most demanding conditions. Onis Visa fleet of 300 sound-attenuated generators of recent production ranging from 9.0 to 2000.0 kVA, are designed and developed to deliver a high quality service for non-stop power performance, all of them equipped with safety features that comply with the strictest regulations and standards. Different versions are available to meet your every need. Amongst the services available, Visa SpA provides dedicated consultation for projects’ study and development, as well as it grants crane trucks for the delivery and...

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Water division

Visa SpA, through its trademark Nettuno®, has successfully been present in the water treatment sector for over 40 years, offering self-propelled irrigation systems and high quality motor pumps for agriculture and industry. The reliability and versatility of Onis Visa products are due to the use of the best components and latest technology which gives high performance as well as savings in operating costs. The experience gained in the entire world, under the most different and difficult environmental conditions, allows to completely satisfy all the modern agriculture needs, in compliance with environmental respect and following the strictest standards. Visa SpA provides high-...

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Latest news

Visa will be present at the 50th edition of FierAvicola, the International Poultry Exhibition, that will be held in Forlì, Italy from 5th to 7th April 2017.

Visa SpA confirms its great passion and commitment to support and promote ski sports and activities, thanks to the partnership with F I S (International Ski Federation).

In a few days Visa SpA will be participating to the Mobile World Congress, the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry, organized by the GSMA, held in the mobile world capital in Barcelona, Spain 27 February – 2 March 2017.


Also this year Visa SpA won’t miss its attendance at Middle East Electricity 2017, the exhibition , at the Dubai World Trade Centre, from 14-16 Feb 2017, that will bring together the best opportunities in power generation.

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