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GALAXY PLUS is the innovative new range of Visa generating sets that comes from the experience developed in the sector by carefully listening to the real needs of customer. The result is a highly reliable product significantly improving the already highly appreciated features of the Galaxy series.

Standard equipment:
The GALAXY PLUS series showcases a great modularity and strategic power sizes reorganization to optimize the size/perfomance ratio, yet keeping the positive characteristics of the Galaxy range unchanged.
The range consists of 4 models ranging from 250 to 1000 kVA in P.R.P. at 50 Hz or 60 Hz.

The fixed points:
• wide choice of engines and fittings;
• possibility of a high level of customization (from the color of the canopy to the smallest details);
• optimization of measurements for HC container shipping.

The strenghts:
• Sled frame to facilitate loading and unloading operations from the container, with integrated collection basin that prevents any leakage of liquid from the generator: the reduced dimensions and the particular shape of the baseframe make the machines easy to transport and to install also thanks to the many lifting options; in the power range between 250 and 500 kVA the tanks capacity has been doubled if compared to the standard Galaxy range, remarkably improving the working autonomy.
• Hot galvanized steel canopy, consisting of individually powder-coated panels before assembly and insulated with high-noise-reduction polyester fiber: all sides of the canopy are equipped with large access points allowing to easily carry out control and maintenance operations. Even the extraordinary maintenance operations can be performed without particular difficulties.
• Control panel mounted on board with a wide selection of controllers and a convenient opening for cables connection;
• Radiator compartment accessible through hinged panels making cleaning operations easier and allowing to work safely (no need to disassemble any components).
• The new internal layout and the barrel exhaust silencer with high-noise-reduction fiberglass and rockwool core, allows to further reduce the noise level by more than 3 dBA compared to the already performing Galaxy version, placing the product in its different sizes among the best currently existing in the market.
• To obtain even higher levels of soundproofing, the large air-expulsion compartment allows to accommodate additional special noise reduction kits.
• The air intakes have been redistributed and re-sized to optimize the cooling flow under all environmental conditions so that to prevent harmful humidity infiltrations and improving the ATB (Air To Boil) index without compromising the level of silence. The absence of air inlet on the baseframe ensures less penetration of dust and humidity.
• Niche for refueling provided with lockable cap mounted directly on the canopy for the manual fuel filling.
• Possibility to access to the lifting points from above (optional) without climbing on the roof.
• Door stop blocks for safe access to the machine compartment.

In short:
The new Galaxy Plus range is the ideal choice for high-quality performance and reliability even in the most difficult climatic conditions, with customizable solutions to provide the best results in any kind of applications.
Every single unit is comprehensively tested for optimal performance under the most demanding situations ensuring its perfect suitability for all kinds of projects.

View the full range at the pageGalaxy Plus Range


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