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Customer support is one of Visa’s best strengths. Our customers know they can count on us to provide maximum support and commitment in finding the quickest solution to a genset issue. The team has a pool of resources – transportation options, spare parts, highly qualified technicians and a widespread network of service centers in Italy and abroad – that allow an efficient assistance across the globe.
Our Customer Support and After-Sale Service have always been developed focusing on product reliability, and more importantly, on customer satisfaction, that are arranged in different areas.



Visa SpA offers swift and effective assistance to problems or enquiries; our clients can rely on a team of engineers with experience gained in the field since 1960.
Through our network of technical services and distributors across the world we are able to cover all your requirements. The Dealer staff receive extensive ongoing product training to ensure that specialist technicians will always be available to guarantee that every service call is carried out in compliance with our standards.



A highly skilled team of experts make it possible to support customers across the globe. At Visa SpA, we feel it is important to be close to our customers, using our expertise to find solutions for their special requests and needs by offering global service and support during all phases of a generator purchase: from initial design, to manufacturing, testing and turn-key installations, commissioning and monitoring.
When purchasing an Onis Visa generator through a local distributor, it is also possible to ask for a start-up course or basic training for technicians assigned to use and maintain the product during its operation. This may consist of verifying the physical installation of the unit, the plant operation as a whole and the conduction of operating essays, including training on Operation and Maintenance.



At the end of the manufacturing process, EVERY single unit enters the modern testing facilities consisting in 3 state-of-the art test rooms: 2 smaller ones for a total of 1 MW, and 1 larger one for a total of 2 MW.
Test consists of a 30-45 minute load test where various load steps, from 10-110%, are applied to the unit. All alarms and warnings are duly tested, involving over 30 checks.
Since all units are individually tested prior to delivery, we rely on the quality assurance that all components of the system are functioning the way they should and within the full range of operating specifications. The test is automated as all the sensors are connected and this allows the test report, the official document which is included as part of the unit’s documentation, to be generated automatically which states the information about the performed actions, the result of this performance and describes the environmental and operation conditions. All gensets have their own test certificate, signed by our technicians.



On request, we accommodate FAT’s, in a range of voltages from 400 to 690V using transformers. The Factory Acceptance Test is a customized testing procedure that consists of a variety of inspection points and tests in accordance to the customer’s request, based on his specific requirements and unique equipment specifications.
It is conducted and performed at the factory prior to delivery, always before the final installation at the plant, at the presence of the client.
FAT assures that, when the system arrives on site, it should be able to be installed and get up and running quickly and smoothly, fully complying with the customer’s specifications.



Visa’s team, which also includes its Distributors, can satisfy needs ranging from preventive maintenance contracts to emergency breakdown response. We can provide integrated monitoring solutions to optimise product use and life cycle thereby increasing client satisfaction.
Generators must be regularly maintained to ensure these provide quality power through their service life. The best way to do this is by following the maintenance schedule provided by the Manufacturer thus ensuring up time and proper operation when it is called upon to supply reliable power.
Having a well-maintained and well-designed standby power system is the best protection against Utility power outages. For hospitals and health care facilities these can be critical. For businesses, for example data centers, outages can be enormously costly or represent a serious risk for facilities like government offices, police departments, fire stations, airports and water/sewage treatment plants.
Onis Visa gensets can be equipped with remote control operating systems by using a modem or an industrial GSM to remotely monitor their operating functions and periodically inform the After-Sale service department on preventative maintenance or warnings.
Visa SpA strongly recommends carrying out regular inspections – like the old adage says, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’. It is of utmost importance to follow the service procedure and intervals, to guarantee your plant works under the best conditions. Visa can provide filter and spare part kits for different service intervals. The more the generator is used and relied on, the more it needs to be taken care of. Send us your enquiry for a scheduled maintenance program. You will receive a customized offer for the service, free of charge.


Visa SpA provides spare-parts for industrial diesel engines, alternators and parts of international primary brands.
We stock a wide range of components available for prompt delivery, that allows your needs to be met in record time. For specific requests, we work closely with partners and suppliers to procure the specialized part needed in the shortest amount of time. Both our Service team and our global Dealer network can offer you assistance with Onis Visa Genuine parts.



Constant advances in technology require continuous learning, so training is a vital part of Visa’s mission. An annual program is set identifying courses related to generating set components (engines, alternators, controllers). Thanks to its well-equipped and modern training rooms in our headquarters, Visa offers the option to personalize training session.
Visa advises and trains its customers, technical services team, official dealers, as well as internal staff in many ways: on site, via classroom or even video conferences, providing courses on the most relevant technical and commercial aspects and technological progress of the systems integrated in the generating sets, assuring up to date information with the latest technology and innovations in the field.



MyPower VISA platform: Visa aims at supporting its customers and cooperating with them side by side. Moreover, the reliability and durability of the Onis Visa products, together with effective and prompt technical support, are fundamental qualities that have distinguished the company for the past 60 years.
Visa SpA has found a way to support the customer regarding technical documentation, installation and spare-parts support which is now readily available at the touch of a keyboard.
Through a short and simple activation procedure, Users will be able to access the special platform, where all their products can be recorded and are able to download the documentation for each unit.


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