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The Olang 1 + 2 gondola lift manufactured by Doppelmayr Italia Srl is the most modern and technologically advanced facility in the area, the flagship of the ski mountains in Italy, which connects the valley station of Valdaora (locality Gassl) to the slopes at high altitude of Plan de Corones. The two-section cable car stops at the intermediate station at 2069 meters and at the high top station at 2275 meters allowing to straightly reach the top of the mountain in less than 12 minutes, without any additional transfers.

Visa SpA was selected for this project for the quality, reliability and innovation of its products, as well as the expertise on other similar applications.  

The gondola lift is equipped with 10-seater vehicles, a technological and architectural remarkable plant not only in terms of safety and engineering but also in terms of aesthetics and modern design, characterized by the unmistakable wavy roof that clearly reminds of crystal waves. This structure houses services, offices and areas that allow the passengers to move, to embark and disembark while the operational mechanical part of the plant is placed inside a transparent dome so you can see it in action.

The generator sets supplied are: 2 units of model P 1500 U, 1505.0 kVA in PRP, 1656.0 kVA in LTP, in backup service to the mains, both of them in open version. They are equipped with Perkins engine model 4012-46TAG2A with electronic speed governor, complete with 2 integrated engine preheating systems with thermostat and timer, coupled to a 1650 kVA Stamford alternator, model PI 734D.

The generating sets are provided with IG 200 automatic control panel allowing to manage the parallel synchronization between the two units, complete with 800 A auxiliary four-pole circuit breaker. They are also equipped with an integrated 400 Lt. fuel tank and collection basin with leak detection sensor and automatic fuel filling system.

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The OLANG 1 + 2 plant is particularly remarkable as it represents several Italian records: starting from the maximum speed of 6.5 meters per second, to the installed power of 2,100 kW, to the transport capacity of 3900 people per hour up to the diameter of the carrying-hauling rope of 64 mm.

Safety is an element of great importance, ensured by a new generation system for the constant monitoring of the rope position. Safety is also guaranteed by the presence of the 2 units of Visa generators powering the system, assuring the emergency service to the mains in the event of possible blackouts or power failures.

This installation offers an interesting example of how modern architecture meets the most innovative technology and Visa Spa is very proud to have been chosen as a supplier for this special project because of the high level of its products installed in one of the most interesting ski areas of the Alps.

Visa SpA stands out once again for the great expertise it has developed in more than 60 years of presence in the market, for its reliability and for adopting eco-friendly technologies for the environment protection. Visa generators are used in the most varied contexts, not only in ski lifts or cableway sector but also in all those activities, including international sport events, where it is crucial to be able to count on extremely reliable emergency power systems.




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