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Medium Voltage Generating sets for a water treatment plant

A new remarkable project can be added to the Visa SpA supplies in Middle East Area. A primary company for Water treatment selected Onis Visa product to supply its plant.


Purifying 78.000 m3 amount per day of wastewater to be used and to be distributed in the rural areas and on the outskirts of the main city and improvement of the water system. This kind of wastewater plant operates on local level to reach the extent to manage water and wastewater services to be carried out in an efficient and sustainable manner. Filtration systems, in combination with other technologies and a high-level power support, are necessary to improve the treatment process the reach the required water qualities. The plant needed a reliable application for the operation and the treatment chain. According to this process, the water is taken from the river and pumped to the water treatment plant, the treated water is then provided to the city and to the rural areas. City wastewater is then pumped to the plant and finally the treated wastewater is released and used for irrigation. Visa model C1500 U Medium Voltage was selected for this special project as the most suitable solution to fulfil the requirements.


Project: Wastewater treatment plant
Location: Middle East
Power installed: 1500 kVA a 3,3 KV – 50HZ
Generating set: C 1500U MEDIUM VOLTAGE
Dimensions: 2260 x 6260 x 2670 mm  (W x L x H)

Technical specifications:

Generating set equipped with Cummins engine model QSK50G4, selected for its reliability and high-quality. It is also provided with Stamford alternator model S9M1D-B double bearing in class H insulation and class F temperature, complete with AVR and PMG to assure the right stability during load variations.  Stamford brand is the right choice to supply versatile and reliable power in primary and stand-by installations. The unit is equipped with coupling between engine and alternator in order to limit vibrations during the load increase.

Antivibration system:

The base-frame is U-form in “Powerfull” version without integrated fuel tank.  A special antivibration system was designed in accordance to the needs of the plant. The genset was provided with high damping anti-vibration mounts placed between the engine/alternator block and the baseframe. Besides, to make the plant more stable, additional anti-seismic anti-vibration mounts were added as per project’s specific requirements and placed between the baseframe and the concrete pitch made by the customer to accommodate the machine.

Special springs were selected with differentiating stiffness depending on the position there were expected to be placed (either beneath the engine or beneath the alternator). The baseframe of the genset was color painted in some specific points matching the same color and positions referring to the anti-seismic anti-vibration springs, in that way we were able to fully support the customer during the assembly phases.

Control Unit:

The C1500U electricity generator is equipped with Guard Revolution control panel with RS 485 communication capability and Internet access using Ethernet.

At the end of the manufacturing process and prior to delivery, every single unit is always subjected to final operating and functional tests in our modern test rooms, according to our specific quality procedures. The generating set was not equipped with the medium voltage switchgear since that aspect was totally managed by the customer directly on site. So, the final operating tests of the machine were carried out without the switch board.  Thanks to the equipment Visa SpA has developed over the years, and in particular thanks to the medium voltage substations we have available in our plant which are specifically equipped for this purpose, we were able to perfectly simulate the customer’s power switchgear, even if it was not installed.

Once the functional test had been successfully passed and all the operations completed, the machine was finally prepared for packing and shipping


The challenge

The shipment represented a challenging aspect. In fact, delivery was planned via container and, considering the remarkable big dimensions of the genset, it was necessary to be able to make the unit perfectly fit into the container standard structure.

This operation was not easy eat all, mainly depending on the large sizes of the genset, the radiator and the alternator. We worked to allow these components to be fit into the shape of the baseframe that served as reference point in order to be contained within the overall dimensions of the container.


For this special project, beside innovative products and technologies, Visa SpA was selected for offering the most effective solutions in any kind of application thanks to its long experienced in guaranteeing a highly operational flexibility and qualitative standards for which it has become a leader in the market. Moreover, another key performance feature that attracted the customer to the Onis Visa brand was the technical support assured by the local official Distributor to grant the professional support and expertise.



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