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Onis Visa gensets supporting the Italian areas devastated by earthquake and bad weather

Visa SpA is concretely supporting the central regions of Italy, struck by devastating earthquake last October and recently badly affected by the extraordinary wave of bad weather that has caused disruption across the country.

Particularly in Abbruzzo, where the region started procedure to ask for a state of emergency to be declared since one-fourth of the population is still without electricity and in some cases, completely isolated, due to freezing temperatures and thick layer of snow. Many schools and public offices are closed and remain in state of emergency. Local authorities in those regions are concerned that damaged buildings could fall under the weight of the snow. 

Visa Spa personnel is currently working incessantly to grant a real support to the people affected by the extraordinary wave of bad weather and terrible earthquake giving assistance by granting power supply.

A fleet of 22 Onis Visa generators were promptly delivered in the earth-quake-affected areas, ranging from 100 to 600 kVA. Beside these units, many other small size gensets were supplied  to be used mainly for small enterprises, handcraft activities, animal farms and isolated buildings where being without electricity were causing significant discomfort and serious economic troubles. 

Back in recent years, Visa SpA proved its efficiency and capability to immediately react to this kind of emergencies that struck Slovenja in 2014 or Cortina D’Ampezzo and the Cadore area during the Christmas time in 2013. On that occasion, Visa SpA technicians were able to reach Cortina only a couple of hours after that the extraordinary wave of snow had affected the area, with its fleet of unmistakable yellow-color generating sets.  


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