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The pharmaceutical and health care sector is one of the areas in which Visa Spa has been specializing for quite a long time.

It has been recently focusing on a special project destined to power an important new facility still under construction in cooperation with its local dealer in North Africa. The new plant is planned for continuous production of sanitary towels and napkins for different applications in the health sector, as well as for the large-scale distribution.


Location: North Africa
Power installed: 1500.0 kVA (P.R.P.)
Generator sets: 3 x D 500 GX
Dimensions: 1550 x 4300 x 2460 mm  (W x L x H)


Granting the activities and supporting the factory’s 24/24 continuous cycle operation avoiding any power supply fault or outage.


Project details: 

The project consists of three different phases to be completed as per a specific schedule. The first part refers to the supply of the first 3 units of generating sets model D 500 GX, recently delivered.  


Technical specifications:

Generating sets equipped with Deutz engine, Stamford alternator and IG 200 controller for parallel.

Considering that the machines are designed to work continuously 24 hours per day 7/7, it was specifically selected the Deutz engine, particularly suitable for this kind of application.

Deutz model BF8M1015CP water-cooled engine, featuring a compact design and high performances.  

Due to harsh climate conditions and high temperatures, it was necessary to provide tropicalized radiator.

All of them are coupled with Stamford alternator, model HCI5C with PMG and AVR. Stamford represented the right choice for this project because, with its unique design, it grants efficient electrical performances making it a very preferred product for many applications in critical stand-by power.

The three machines were installed and programmed for load sharing and to have a management of loads suitable and distributed over the 3 units to reduce the maintenance operations as much as possible and to make the system stable.


Control Unit:

The electricity generators are equipped with ComAp InteliGen 200, the modern parallel controller that allows to easily manage the synchronization among the gensets. The system was provided also with GPS to always know the location of the genset using geofencing for theft or movement alerts.

The GPS module allows the remote monitoring from a control unit located 300 meters from the installation.


Canopy and baseframe:

All generating sets are provided in silenced version, compact baseframe including modular fuel tank of 800 Liters and collection basin with leak control float.

Beside the onboard tank, to grant the requested autonomy to the plant, the units are also connected to above-ground fuel tanks through quick release fittings.


Fuel Tutor Device:

Moreover, the “Fuel Tutor “device is also included into the supply to be connected to an external underground fuel tank. It is a combined kit for refueling in a pre-assembled structure, which is manufactured by Visa SpA, with the aim of making the applicant in generating sets easy and affordable. It comes in a solid metal box which includes an electric pump, a solenoid valve, a manual pump and the by-pass ball valves.

The standard version box is set up with bottom and rear fastening systems to facilitate floor or wall mounting

Operation is always guaranteed: should there be a fault with the electric-pump or electrical command, the fuel tank can be filled with the manual pump included into the kit without needing further connections or tubes: two reserve valves make the manual operation easier, without any need of a by-pass system. A specific cover, provided with a lock, protects all components from any unauthorized access.

The refueling system is managed directly by the control panel.

Selection of accessories:

The selected series of genset offers the well-known custom-design and optional accessories that can be selected to meet the specific installation needs and requirements.

As in the case of Fuel Tutor Device , a variety of optional accessories can be selected before manufacturing during the first stages of the project and specific engineering support is always granted during the whole process to simplify customer’s life.


Project’s phases of development:    

An additional genset, currently under production, represents the phase 2 of the project to complete the plant. It is expected to be delivered soon, as per a scheduled program. 

Phase 3 consists in the opening of additional manufacturing plants and the installation of other bigger-sized gensets which require specific engineering design, our company team is currently working to define the final technical details.


Versatility and robustness:

The versatility of the GALAXY Series is formed to meet the requirements of industry and high technological specifications of applications such as in this case.

Robust and efficient stand-by power plays an important role in guaranteeing power supply keeping all the operational functions moving and always on.


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