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Visa SpA has always had a strong focus on the environment and the adoption of the most advanced technologies available on the market.

For this reason, it has been working for several years on the development of a Stage 5 range for its generators, closely collaborating with the engine manufacturers and actively contributing to the validation of prototypes.

At the moment there are active cooperation and projects with world-class engine brands such as Scania, FPT Industrial, Volvo, Deutz, Doosan, Kohler ….

In order to be able to accept the new Stage 5 compliant engines in both the mobile and standby genset market, Visa SpA carried out a restyling of the genset structure creating machines suitable to match customer demands for value, innovation and performance. Bigger canopies have been developed and provided with a special layout to ensure an optimal air circulation inside the machine; Fuel tanks have been restyled as well, featuring new capacities and shapes; The space inside the machines has been organized to facilitate ordinary and extraordinary maintenance operations and, at the same time, it has been possible to add customized variants for both mechanical and electrical accessories.

The new GALAXY PLUS product line has been the optimal starting point for the development of the new product variants.

We expect every Stage 5 project will be unique and developed in accordance with client’s needs, featuring different degrees of complexity and a broad range of options. Various deliveries with the new Visa Stage 5 gen-sets have already taken place mainly referring to earth moving, mining and mobile cranes sector, offering different solutions as for example, compact size, high-capacity fuel tanks and significant reduction of noise levels through a high and accurate design. Thanks to its team of engineers Visa completely supports clients providing information to enable them to select the right solutions and technology.

In the meantime, Visa has acted in advance by purchasing a quantity of Stage 3A engines from the 2018 and 2019 production to make the transition toward the adoption of the new standards as effective and smooth as possible, ready now for any challenges. 


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